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  • Sizing Your Vinyl Pool Liner

    If you have a vinyl pool, the vinyl liner may need to be replaced every six to eight years. When it comes time to replace the existing pool liner, Doheny's is dedicated to working with you to customize and design the correct size and shape liner for your pool. A new liner can brighten your pool and give you an updated look. Signs That It's Time to Replace Your Pool Liner Fading and Staining. The liner will naturally fade over time, but fading above the waterline is a good indication that it is time to replace the liner. Rust stains or algae buildup that are hard to remove are also good signs a new liner is needed. Slipping and stretching. You may notice looseness around the return jets and skimmer, or that the liner is slipping out of the coping track. All of these are signs that the liner has lost its elasticity and it needs to be replaced. Leaking. When you notice you are continually adding water to the pool to maintain the water level there may be a hole or tear in the

  • DIY - How to Install an Inground Swimming Pool Liner

    How to Install an Inground Pool Liner When your vinyl inground swimming pool liner is damaged, dingy, or faded, it’s time to install a new one. You could call a professional installer to do it for you, or you could save thousands of dollars by simply doing it yourself. It may sound like a complicated process, but it’s actually pretty simple and requires tools that most people already have at home. Our handy guide will tell you everything you need to know in order to quickly and easily replace your vinyl liner. 1.) Measure Your Pool Liner It is very important that you measure your pool accurately so you will get a good fit with your new liner. Our convenient measuring form provides detailed instructions for measuring your pool. Follow the instructions exactly and double check your measurements. Completing the entire measuring form allows our pool specialists to customize the right liner for your pool. Do not hesitate to give us a call if you need advice on measuring your